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Car Body
Body shell
Door and accessories
Window and accessories
Roof system
Car seat
Car interior trim
Automotive air-conditioning and ventilation
Car meter
Body standard parts
Lightweight structure of bodywork
Car material

Testing and Measuring Technology
Engine and emission testing
Vibration and noise testing
Data acquisition
Material, structure and fatigue testing
Testing instrument and measuring equipments

Energy-efficient and Environment-friendly Vehicles
Traditional energy-saving and environment-friendly vehicles
Electric vehicles
Hybrid vehicles
Plug-in electric vehicles
Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles
Alternative fuel vehicles
Advanced battery technology
Charging infrastructure and smart grid technology
New energy vehicle electronic control technology
New energy vehicle electric motor

Engine, Transmission and Powertrain
New GDI, SI & CI engines and components
Advanced diesel engines and components
Advanced transmission and control system
Chassis control and integration technology

Automotive Manufacture Technique and Equipment
Punch line technology and equipment
Body-welding production line and equipment
Spray painting production line and equipment
Complete vehicle assembly line and equipment
Complete set of technology and equipment of industrial robot
Heat treatment technology and equipment
Forming die and manufacture technology

Automotive Electronics
Engine/chassis/body electronic control
Electronic control of automotive safety
Automotive electronics and cable
Software and hardware system
Vehicle sensor and actuator
Vehicle connector
On-board network
Multi-media infotainment system
Automotive internet and navigation



Oct. 24-26, 2017


Shanghai Automotive Exhibition Center